Cookies are as short as a code on a website (typically the web browser). When the user accesses the site, the device will be automatically recognized.

These cookies are used for the pages and information regarding the visitor’s visit and preferences.

This site uses different types of cookies:

Anonymous cookies that are used to browse the site, use the features and access secure areas
Anonymous cookies aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the site and its improvement: these cookies collect information on how to use the site, error messages, etc.), and used only in aggregate form. Analysis of web data.
Anonymous cookies that use the site to memorize the preferences and preferences of the visitor in order to facilitate navigation in future accesses (automatic authentication, language, location, etc.)

The information collected with cookies cannot be used in any case for marketing or user profiling.

To these are added:

third-party cookies that may, on the contrary, collect information about the user in an individual and not anonymous form because they are linked, for example, to personal profiles (examples of widgets of facebook, twitter, youtube, google plus, etc.)

Otherwise, you can refuse the use of cookies using your browser settings.